Christmas Gifting

Something I have always tried to do is put a lot of thought and effort in to choosing the perfect gift for my family and friends for birthdays and Christmas. As I have got older, my desire to receive presents has dwindled but I do love when you can tell instantly how much effort someone has put in to choosing what to give you. One of the best presents I ever got was from my brother who was studying and didn’t have much of an income so decided to make me a present for my birthday. He, bless his heart, taught himself to crochet to make me a figurine of one of my favourite cartoon characters. I cried. He said if it wasn’t good enough he would get me something else but I couldn’t ask for anything more. It was the best thing I have ever got for my birthday, his time and effort.

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, not gifts, but I still want to be able to give the people who have given me so much love and support throughout the year a little token of my appreciation. So for Christmas this year, I have decided to hand deliver jars of homemade cookies.

My idea started when I was at Officeworks browsing at various stationery (a hobby of mine!), when I came across some Avery clear printable labels. I envisioned jars with these labels printed with a Christmas message so I went home and put my thinking cap on. Words that show what Christmas means to me were the obvious choice for my stickers. What I came up with was:

Next job was to find some jars to put them on. I went down to a great continental goods supplier in Adelaide called Gaganis. I get a lot of ingredients from this place like spices, nuts and beans along with various European products and kitchenware but they also have pallets of jars and bottles of all sizes for making your own sauces, jams and preserved fruits. I chose some jars about the same size as your average pasta sauce for 95 cents each!

Choc chip cookies, white chocolate chip almond oaty cookies, vanilla biscuits, almond bread and almond shortbread cookies were put on the ‘to bake’ list and off I went to get my ingredients. I made all of the cookie dough in to balls and cut out shapes which I froze uncooked so I could bake them as needed depending on when I would see the people I was giving them to. If you are going to make cookie jars, make sure you scoop each cookie small enough so once it bakes and spreads, it still fits through the top of the jar, unlike my chocolate chip cookies which were too big!

Merry Christmas!